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4 Quick Troubleshooting Steps For Any Variable Speed Drive


A variable speed drive is an invaluable manufacturing tool because it can control a motor's speed or power supply's output to achieve optimal equipment performance. However, they can still break down due to several factors, such as natural wear and tear, poor maintenance, or incompatibilities. Here are four easy steps to troubleshoot your variable speed drive.


Consult Updated VSD Manual and Its Manufacturer


Every equipment and machine in your facility has its respective manual. Often, the manual's last sections list a glossary of malfunction and failure events and steps to troubleshoot them. Many maintenance teams have saved so much troubleshooting time and resources consulting the manual and identifying similar events. In case the manual is insufficient, a manufacturer's technical team can provide you with additional steps and data.


Use VSD Activity Logging Features


Every modern variable speed drive has an activity logging tool allowing maintaining teams to inspect and track faults easily. The VSD's human-machine interface (HMI) is useful in accessing these activity logs. Some models allow you to plug the drive into a computer, making it interface with pre-installed software to view its activity history. Businesses can consult the manual to help you access this feature.


Don't Confuse The Repair Effort


VSD troubleshooting takes time. Rushing the repair and restoration effort is never productive. Therefore, operators and repair teams closely observe every action's consequence and if it contributes to or achieves your repair goals. If you have multiple teams trying numerous troubleshooting efforts without previous initial data, their work will be a waste, and it wouldn't help the repair effort.


Inspect System Accessories and Peripherals


Your VSD does not independently work because it's part of a system. If repair teams discover no fault after diligently checking the activity log and performing all the manual's prescribed steps, it's most likely another accessory or peripheral is causing the issue. Inspect the VSD's connections and relationships with other machines in the facility to find the possible culprit.


The Best Replacement VSDs Right To Your Doorstep


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