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All About Polyethylene Foam


It is quite ironic that though it is the most used foam in the market, polyethylene foam (PE foam) is also the least recognized one. But what many don’t know is that PE is always hard work as a chosen material for packaging, floatation, shock absorption, and even for masonry products. So, what makes this foam very versatile?


By definition, polyethylene foam has a closed-cell structure that has millions of very tiny bubbles, each of which is securely sealed from one another. This structure composition gives PE foam high strength and rigidity as well as high resistance to moisture or water and solvents. It is also resistant to mould and bacteria. Because of these amazing properties, PE foam is found very useful in many applications.


When it comes to formulating the foam material, it is being combined with additives to alter its properties and achieve the desired characteristics for its purpose. The raw material is being heated first before it is being extruded to form its solid-state. In other words, in addition to its regular polyethylene sheet foam, additional properties are attained like anti-static varieties for packaging and material handling applications. Best of all, since all these ingredients are added already in the formula, the properties are consistent all the way through until the product is finally created.


Apart from these amazing performance qualities, polyethylene foam also comes in various shapes and sizes. They are commonly found in sheet and plank forms which are highly used for custom and casing packaging as well as for transporting delicate items. Moreover, the material can also be laminated to achieve thicker sections for the purposes of being an insert for furniture and specialized uses.


Apparently, PE foam is so packed with great properties which make it very versatile and useful in many applications. So, if you think you can also benefit from its use and advantages, just give us a call to supply you with the highest quality of PE foam available in the market.

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