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Debunking 4 Common Myths About Glass Shower Doors


Are you on your way to building your dream bathroom? If yes, then what you need to include in your budget is the custom glass shower doors. But a word of caution though when considering this shower enclosure because many homeowners are still deceived by various myths about them. Here are some of them you need to be aware of.


They cost a lot


This is perhaps the most pervasive misconception surrounding custom glass shower doors. The reality, however, is the opposite because custom glass shower doors are actually cost-effective because the final price depends on the specific end result you want. Expectedly, if you have a huge shower area, then the cost will go higher but the benefits you get are more than worth it.


They easily leak and shatter


This is purely a myth because glass shower doors are constructed from tempered glass which is very durable and very hard to shatter or crack. And once they do crack, which would need a lot of force, they turn into small pieces that don’t have sharp edges. As for the issue of leaking, it’s not inherent with custom glass shower doors but is due to improper installation. It is advised to have a shower head on the opposite sides that can help prevent water from escaping the enclosure.


There is no need to clean the enclosure


Though it’s true that the glass enclosure does not need so much maintenance, still they have to be cleaned once in a while. A simple wipe down would be enough to get rid of the soap scum and buildup. Doing this will help your shower doors look new for many years.


All glass shower doors look the same


Definitely, this is a misconception because there are various options and styles for you to choose from. You can opt for a curved, a framed, or a frosted shower door. It’s really all up to your personal preference and budget. 


In sum, having your own customized shower enclosure involves several steps, from asking for quotations to finally selecting the style you want. But don’t worry because we are here to help you every step of the way until your dream shower doors are installed.

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