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Integrating Cosmetic Dentistry Into General Dental Practice


With the introduction of coloured restorative materials for teeth decades back, the dental practice has changed so much. The branch of aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry came into being and has been popularized since then. And so, a dental office in Toronto does not only treat dental diseases but also provide aesthetic dental solutions. Initially, the entire dentistry profession finds it hard to accept cosmetic treatments but eventually, it became part of the general dental practice. Many learning centers were created to train dentists in the latest procedures and technology in cosmetic dentistry.


Thus, not too soon enough, many dental offices that provide general practices converted into cosmetic dental centers. Sadly, the global economic crisis in 2008 also adversely impacted the dental industry. This prompted most dental offices to go back to general dental practices while undergoing economic recovery. They also have to lower fees on elective cosmetic dental services to become affordable for the patients. Moreover, a dental office in Toronto has to compete with some corporate dental entities providing reduced fee structures. As the general dentistry helps in steering the profession to move forward, cosmetic dentistry also has some share of the pie.


The main strategy of cosmetic dentists has been to offer a tiered level or cosmetic dental services with various price ranges to still provide patients with the opportunity to pay for the aesthetic service they want. Patients can select from among the different types of elective cosmetic dental services, such as tooth whitening, bonding, tooth reshaping, direct composite restorations, indirect composite veneers and ceramic crowns or bridges.


If ever you are planning to have either one of these dental cosmetic services, remember that full acceptance of the procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry is subjective for both the patient and dentist. One specific dental office in Toronto that you can fully trust to handle your aesthetic dental need is Queens Quay Dental Centre. Our cosmetic dentist will discuss with you to understand your dental history and come up with the most suitable solution for your situation. You will be confident in knowing that you’ll get the exact smile you always dreamed of.

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