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Top 3 Innovative Applications of Industrial Air Compressors

The use of compressed air has been very useful for a lot of industries and businesses around the world. But only a few people know what the future looks like for industrial air compressors. So, to give a glimpse, here are the top three innovation applications for compressed air in automotive industries that you’ll find amazing.


#1. Hybrid Air


Can you imagine driving a hybrid car without using electricity? Yes, that’s possible through compressed air combined with the use of a superior petrol engine. This is referred to as Hybrid Air technology combining the benefits of a full-hybrid drivetrain of compressed air and petrol. The combination of these energy sources is expected to result in significant reduction in fuel consumption. Additionally, this technology is seen to result in zero emissions, reduced engine speed on highways, and recharged energy storage units when driving at low speeds.


#2. The Case of AIR Pod


Now, can you again think of driving a car that entirely runs on pure compressed air? It may seem to be impossible but investors are working hard to find ways to achieve this through their first invention called AIR Pod. It is the first-ever hybrid vehicle, costs about ten thousand US dollars, that runs using compressed air. The key rationale for this innovation is to reduce urban pollution while revolutionizing urban transportation.


The AIR Pod is built with an engine that works on compressed air, resulting in zero pollution. Owners of this car will surely enjoy reduced fuel costs as well. Once this vehicle becomes affordable to own, one can also expect the growing demand for industrial air compressors.


#3. Air Hybrid for Brakes


This is another amazing innovation wherein compressed air is produced every time drivers hit the brakes. This will then be stored in an air storage tank on the bus which can be later used to help power the same vehicle. Apart from minimizing dependence on fossil fuels to power public vehicles, the operators and drivers will also enjoy lower fuel costs as compressed air now becomes the power source.


With these great innovations through the help of industrial air compressors, one can expect to see this industry continue to boom in the coming decade.

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