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Getting The Right Dust Collector Filter Media


The top rule in operating a dust collection system is determining the right type of filter to use. Or else, you would risk your workers’ health to dust hazard exposure and may put your entire facility at the threat of fire. Moreover, a wrong filter can also add to the cost of operating the air compressor machine or other equipment while impacting other components of the entire system. This is why choosing the right dust collector filter media is so critical. The same goes in terms of knowing when to order replacement filters for your dust collectors.


The very first step in choosing is to take into account the specific type of application and dust collector the filter bags will be employed for as well as the working environment. Doing so will help you understand which filter will provide you with the best performance and highest efficiency for your particular application. This means considering some important factors such as the temperature, the product to be filtered and its chemical makeup, resistance to dust, size of the dust particles, and the current filter media your collector is using. All these factors also matter when ordering replacement filters for dust collectors.


You have to keep in mind that among all those factors, environment plays the biggest role. This is because the performance of the brand new or replacement filters for your dust collectors is directly related to how well they can tolerate the work environment in which they are used. This, in turn, affects how efficiently they can remove the dust particles from the facility or machinery and how easy it would be to clean the filter material. The most common filter media used in dust collectors include woven felts, non-woven felts, natural fibers, synthetics or thermoset/thermoplastics, and polyphenylene sulfide. Each one is designed for certain purpose and so choosing the right one is very important to meet your requirements.



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