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Super Glue Adhesive Accelerator


With the introduction of superglue, a broad range of various substrates that are hard to bind like plastics and metals are now easy to bond following just a simple application process. Unfortunately, not all super glue is quick to respond and this is where adhesive accelerator comes into play. It can be applied to bonding surfaces prior to applying the adhesive to make a quick yet durable bond. They are also very beneficial to cure super glue that might be pressed out of two different substrates once they are being put together. So, what exactly is an adhesive accelerator?

 There are plenty of uses for adhesive accelerators but the most common one, obviously, is to hasten the cure time of the glue. Apart from that, an adhesive accelerator is also capable of achieving stronger final bonds, more so in regions where the climate is dry and between difficult substrates that may contain a lot of oil or acid such as woods. Due to its inherent properties, this chemical helps facilitate moisture to hasten the curing process. It may also help relieve the effects of dry climate on assemblies, providing an adequate amount of moisture as needed by the application.

 When it comes to the question, when should you use an adhesive accelerator, the possible answers go a long list. Though the applications are quite many, the most common ones are those involving the work of woodworkers. They use the product to achieve a strong and weather proof finish for their works. Moreover, the accelerators are ideal to use in applications where quicker curing time is critical for overall performance. They are even more beneficial for adhering difficult substrates and creating lasting bonds in low humidity environments. Our own selection of this product covers a wide range of industrial applications.

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