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What Renders Air Compressor Vacuum Pump Distinguishable?


While they are two different machines, many people still mistakenly refer to pumps and compressors as the same. However, they are two different mechanisms that perform different tasks. On one hand, a pump moves a fluid which can either be a liquid or gas. On the other hand, a compressor squeezes gas into smaller volumes and pumps it at the same time. Pumps can also be used both on liquids and gases but compressors usually work just on gases. However, in theory, vacuum pumps are just air compressors that run backwards. In domestic use, both machines can work the same by simply deciding on which end to use and what to connect to them.


However, in large-scale industrial applications, a specially-designed machine is used as an air compressor vacuum pump. The double workload can run just any machine that is not specially built to cope with the demanding work. This is what distinguishes the compressor vacuum pump from other machines. It works by producing low-pressure zone and differences in pressure between the inlet and the outlet points. The standard design of the air compressor vacuum pump employs a technology that allows the compressed air to have high pressure and low volume and vice versa. A constant repeat of the contradicting pressures between the rotor chamber and the ambient environment is what creates the vacuum.


With a higher pressure on the outside, the air is being sucked into the vacuum in the pump where it will be compressed by the spinning rotors. This process is simply repeated through a continuous pumping and compression of air. Here at GlobalVac, we understand how important it is to have a reliable air compressor vacuum pump that performs optimally to keep production at bay. That’s why our vacuum pump systems are built with high-quality products and components. Our extensive selection of vacuum pumps including air compressor vacuum pump is all designed for high efficiency, top performance and excellent reliability.

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