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Why It Is Important To Know The Major Band Saw Parts


If you have been contemplating as to what would be the best band saw to buy for your cutting application, knowing the basic parts that comprise a band saw will help you find the best selection. With this, we will be discussing each of the key band saw parts and their role in the overall cutting process.


The Blade: the blade is perhaps the most vital of all band saw parts. A band saw blade comes in different types and there are plenty of factors to take into account such as tooth configuration, material, gullets, and more. This is why it takes careful consideration to find out more and a separate section to discuss everything about band saw blades in detail.


The Motor: this is one of the band saw parts that you must be very particular about. Always opt for a higher motor power than what you need just in case. This will enable you to cut harder materials than you normally do. For most DIY projects and cut light timber, a motor with 2.5 to 3.5 amps could be sufficient. But if you’ll use it for industrial or heavy-duty cutting, then a higher motor power is important.

The Frame: this is the component that holds all the other band saw parts together. In general, there are two kinds of band saw frames, plastic and metal. Obviously, if your cutting application needs a bigger band saw, then a rugged steel frame is what you need since it can support more strength and weight of the other parts. The band saw made of this frame tends to be costlier but is a must for a band saw with more than 10” size.


The Table: the table is the simplest and basic part of a saw but don’t be misled by its simplicity. You still need to know about its throat value it has or the cut you see in the middle of the table. It will dictate the size that the machine can cut.

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