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3 Great Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Fabricators


Fiber Laser Cutting Fabricators Are Eco-friendlier Than Other Methods.

Fiber laser cutting fabricators are eco-friendlier and more sustainable than other traditional methods of cutting. Fiber lasers can deliver much higher power and energy densities, which allow them to cut through material with ease. Doing this process results in cleaner cuts without the use of water, nitrogen, or compressed air. The lack of these secondary emissions means that this process is much eco-friendlier than other cutting methods.


Fiber Laser Cutting Is Faster Than Traditional CO2 Lasers for Metal or Woodcutting.

Fiber lasers are becoming the first choice of many manufacturers rather than CO2 lasers. It has some key advantages over CO2 lasers that make it popular among various industries.

The major reason behind this preference is that fiber laser operates at a higher frequency than the CO2 laser, which produces more energy per pulse. This trait makes fiber lasers much more powerful and capable of cutting metal and wood faster than traditional lasers.

The energy efficiency of fiber lasers also makes them suitable for cutting large parts with high precision and accuracy. Plus, they are also safer as they don't produce any harmful fumes as CO2 lasers do.


There Is No Need for Separate Tooling To Cut Hard Materials Such As Metal or Wood With Fiber Laser Cutting.

Fiber laser cutting is a process that doesn't require any complex tooling or equipment. It can cut through metal, wood, and other hard materials with minimal effort.

A fiber laser consists of an optical fiber doped with rare-earth ions. The light emitted from the end of the fiber is intense and coherent. You can focus this light on a small spot size with good depth penetration, enabling the laser to cut through most materials quickly and effectively.

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