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4 Aspects of Excellent Duct Cleaning Vacuums for Optimal Cleaning


A clean vent system guarantees healthy indoor air and greatly reduced fire risk. Therefore, it's critical that you find the best duct cleaning vacuum for your property's needs.

Here are four aspects that can help you find the best vacuums for excellent vent cleaning results.




Vent systems can either be short and narrow or long and winding. Thus, dependable duct cleaners always have vacuums that can support longer hoses.

A longer hose requires a vacuum that has enough size to catch debris that it captures. Therefore, size is a crucial factor in finding excellent duct cleaning vacuums.




Longer hoses require much more power. An average 650 CFM vacuum cleaner sounds effective because it can thoroughly remove the stubbornest debris from carpets. However, they're ineffective for vent cleaning.

Professional vent cleaners use 5,000-13,000 CFM vacuums to remove sticky and caked debris inside your vents. Thus, you should own or rent a duct cleaning vacuum of this level.


Portability (For Contractors)


Duct cleaning teams need a balance of power, size, and portability. Therefore, teams that service multiple surrounding areas should consider portability.

Vacuum size, truck vertical and horizontal clearance, and truck total weight support are essential factors in finding greatly portable vacuums.




Proven brands will be a huge investment that guarantees long-term equipment lifespan, performance, and dependability. However, you may find some underdog brands that can provide you with the same level of performance.

We highly suggest that you work with qualified distributors that offer excellent after-service for your vacuums. In doing so, you have repair and restoration options for your machine after something undesirable happens.


Industrial-Grade Duct Cleaning Vacuums From Dependable Manufacturers


You can always count on us at Heat Seal Equipment to provide you with the best results for your vent cleaning needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.

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