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5 Exceptional Beryllium Copper Properties For Commercial and Industrial Use


Beryllium copper is an enormous investment for any commercial or industrial equipment because of its top-tier properties. Any equipment that contains a beryllium copper alloy can handle huge strength demands, effectively conduct heat and electricity, and resist corrosion efficiently. Here are five reasons to use beryllium copper.




Beryllium copper's tensile strength can go beyond 200,000 PSI. Thus, more heavy-duty equipment and machinery manufacturers incorporate this alloy in their products and services.

High-strength beryllium copper is one of its two variants.




High-conductivity beryllium copper is a copper-dominated alloy that can achieve high heat and electrical conductivity. The lower beryllium level in this alloy reduces its maximum tensile strength down to a relatively impressive 120,000 PSI.


Top-Notch Corrosion-Resistance


Beryllium and copper have impressive corrosion resistance. Therefore, they fuse their resistances as capable alloys. Many oil and gas equipment, wires, connectors, and vehicle components extensively use this alloy as a significant component.




Beryllium copper has a toughness parallel to steel. Alternatively, fabricators can soften them by applying the right heat level.

Knowledgeable fabricators can use heat to provide the steel with high-level conductivity or strength to adapt to their project's requirements.


Machining Possibilities


Fabricators can attest to the high versatility and dependability of beryllium copper. They've extensively used it in many of their previous projects. In addition, recyclers can conveniently break down and recycle beryllium copper down to its most usable and dependable forms.


Get The Best Beryllium Copper For All Your Needs


You can always count on us at Alnor Industries to provide you with excellent prices for your obsolete equipment, machines, and other tools' beryllium copper content. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.

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