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All About High Speed Steel


Are you also looking for high speed steel, a.k.a. HSS, for any project you have? Then you might be just like our previous customers who are highly attracted to this excellent material but actually have very limited knowledge about it. So, here we are going to discuss this metal in detail so that you would better understand and appreciate it.


What is High Speed Steel?


Essentially, HSS is a steel alloy named for its capacity to cut materials much faster than other high-carbon steels used for cutting. This is primarily due to the material’s exceptional hardness, high resistance against extreme temperatures and softening. It is actually composed of various elements, including tungsten, chromium, vanadium, molybdenum, and some cobalt. It is the alloying of these metals and the heat treatment processes used that made high speed steel very capable of its name. During heat treatment, the martensitic structure of the material is what gives its high hardness. 


Common Grades and Properties of HSS


There are more than 40 classifications of HSS that are widely available while more are still being created. However, they can be classified mainly into two major categories. One category is alloyed by tungsten while the other is alloyed by molybdenum. Hence, every grade is indicated either as T or M, along with its unique number identification. It is the primary alloying element used in making HSS that has a major influence on its final properties. The different grades were made after several extensive experiments were done.


Applications of HSS


With its exceptional abrasion resistance, toughness, hardness, and reduced brittleness, high speed steel is commonly used in creating industrial cutting tools such as bits, milling cutters, saw blades, drills, taps, broaches and many more. These tools are capable of keeping their sharpness despite constant use for a long period of time before requiring replacement. HSS is also used in making a lot of hand tools used in commercial and residential applications like knives.


So, now that you know the important factors about HSS, you can contact us today to request a quote and learn more about how this material can benefit you.

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