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Amber LED Lights: The Emergency Vehicle Lights


Red and blue are the two most popular police light colours that are used by law enforcers. However, many agencies are now also using white colours and amber LED lights as their optional emergency lights. Regardless of the type of police light, the officer has installed on their patrol or undercover cars, they are responsible to ensure that the lights used are legal according to their specific jurisdiction. We are going to explain the common lights and their uses.


Warning Lights


The majority of emergency vehicles are using red lights on their fleet. This colour is very common among police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. They are used in a dash light or grille as a forward-facing light. Amber LED lights are another option for this purpose.


First Responder’s Lights


In addition to red, blue is another popular light indicating police presence. Almost every police car in the country is using blue light as well as firefighters and paramedics because this light is exclusively used by first responders. However, blue lights do not come alone as they are always used in combination with red lights.


Optional Police Lighting


While red and blue lights are widely utilized by emergency vehicles, white is another popular option. It is the only colour used in fog lights and wigwags. In addition, while lights are used alongside red and blue for takedown and alley lighting purposes. When it comes to using amber LED lights on cruisers, agencies usually prefer that they are used facing the rear. Most traffic lights mounted on the rear of police vehicles use yellow lights.


Ultimately, you can customize the different colours by choosing the right colour combination for your emergency vehicle fleet. Darta offers a wide selection of multi-functional features that allows you to have the correct light for all your department’s emergency responses.

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