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Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Conveyor Ovens


In its simplest definition, conveyor ovens are a type of continuous oven that runs and moves items through it. They utilize a continuous motion in moving products through different means: vertically, horizontally, inclined or spiral paths. Moreover, they also come in different styles including belted, roller, chain on edges, overhead, and powered or free.


When compared with a batch oven, a conveyor oven enables products to be in a static position for whatever processing they need. As conveyor ovens involve motion when moving products, they tend to be a bit more expensive than batch ovens. However, taking the cost aside, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider using them.


Meet high production volumes


If you have high production volume, a batch oven may not be applicable anymore and only a conveyor oven is suitable. This is because they may not have enough time to do all the tasks needed such as loading and unloading, heating up, and cooling down the amount of product that has to be processed in a certain period of time.


Facilitate production automation


Another benefit of using a conveyor oven is its ability to be integrated into your production line and thus, eliminate or minimize human labour when dealing with the equipment. This automated system can result in more consistent product results and fewer defects.


Encourage process flexibility


Best of all, conveyor ovens are suitable for drive systems that can be fitted with a variable frequency drive to modify or change the equipment speed. This ability is very crucial when processing products in a heated zone for a certain amount of time. Moreover, it can even change the temperature set point and other oven parameters that can fully change the temperature profile.


Because of these, conveyor ovens are popularly used in a multitude of applications. These include drying, baking, curing, heat treating, bonding, annealing, tempering aging, and stress relieving.

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