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Selecting The Right Automated Valve


If you are quite new to the control process industry, you might be wondering what the job of automated valves is and how they really work. Fortunately, these engineering devices are not so difficult to figure out. However, you have to be careful in selecting the right one for your application because these valves come in various types. There is a huge selection to consider. You can begin by determining the type of valve you need. You also have to know the right size of the valve.


One aspect you should know is the close relationship between the parts of the automated valves and the flow process which is largely affected by the valve’s design. In many scenarios, how the valve is built largely impacts how the flow of the liquid goes through the device and the other parts of the entire system. This involves making sure that you select the right automated valve. Or else, the whole control process will result in a failure.


Other factors you need to consider are the stability and gain of the device. There is a certain formula in determining these parameters. You can consult the product’s manual or ask the supplier directly about your specific requirements.


In the past years, automated valves and the control processes have adopted smarter technologies and methods that make the entire process work easier and more efficient. Regardless of which method works best, the device has three major parts. These are the actuator, a positioner, and the main body of the valve itself. The primary role of the actuator is to securely locate the device plug after it successfully responds to the control signal. The positioner is usually fixed to the actuator and is connected to the spindle. Its major role is to monitor the position of the device. Knowing these three primary parts of the valve can help you select the right one.

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