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Use of Industrial Adhesive in Chemical Industry


Sealants, adhesives, and coatings are playing an important role in putting together equipment used in various industries from manufacturing to chemical and anything in between. Processing equipment such as agitators, dryers, evaporators, pumps, reactors, and centrifuges are largely relying on industrial adhesive to ensure products are made in compliance with industry specifications. The most common products that are produced using these pieces of equipment are both organic and synthetic fragrances and flavours.


The unique and unparalleled composition of the industrial adhesive is crucial in providing chemical processing systems with great mechanical strength properties when working with different substrates. Moreover, they are also capable of protecting the equipment against wear, corrosion, abrasion, moisture and chemical attack. The solvent free, environmentally friendly, easy to use adhesive compositions possess thermal stability, resistance to vibration, impact, shock, and excellent peel or shear strength qualities.


There are some selected grades of industrial adhesive that are very effective in protecting sensitive components against a wide range of pH levels at heightened temperatures. With the addition of the right compounds or vapour barriers, the adhesive can achieve prolonged or extended life span for the equipment it is used for. They become safer, stronger, and toughened for durable use. More importantly, they will be fixed to become reliable again to face or encounter any attacks from chemical fluids or solvents. 


Lastly, avoiding unexpected shutdowns, loss of production is of high relevance to chemical facilities. Inspections should be done regularly to determine in advance and mitigate such problems that may lead to big financial losses and customer dissatisfaction. So, if you are operating in this industry and can’t afford to experience these issues in one of your compressors or gearboxes perhaps, our wide selection of industrial adhesive would be a great partner to ensure that your daily operations are not interrupted.

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