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What Does The Future of Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto Look Like?


We have always been told that the industrial revolution has been taking the world by storm. While there is a hint of truth in this, there remains a challenge as to how things fit together. One way to have a glimpse of the future is to think about what a custom metal fabrication in Toronto will look like decades from now.


Firstly, it is common practice in custom metal fab shops to have excess machine capacity and the more of it that an operation has, the more variables it can work with. Also, the smoother the job would flow from one step to another. For instance, in one operation that involves one or two extremely powerful lasers, it would become possible to feed a collection of automatic tool changing press brakes that can either be done manually or robotized. This is very likely with the advances being made in safeguarding and programming of CNC laser machines.


Another perfect example would be the application of QR code. Any item that has it can be tracked quite easily, meaning each tool used would be trackable every time a punch tool is inserted or each moment the machine cycles. The tracked information would be very useful for the show owner to determine whether it’s time to purchase a new tool. Better yet, the information can even be used for costing and quoting purposes, guiding both the business owner and the technology developer.


Best of all, as machines used by any custom metal fabrication in Toronto are capable of sending such data to a server, either off-site or on-site, operational data can be compared easily and in real-time. With this, the machines can even become more adaptable by learning more from those data produced by tracking technologies. This generated information is very valuable for a company's automated computer systems as it can be turned into customer-facing and web-based quoting engines that can automate order processing. What a future it would be indeed!


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