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What You Should Know About Steel Beams


In comparison to timber, steel offers a broader range of applications in construction projects mainly because of its great strength and durability. One perfect example is the case of structural steel beams that are one of the most adaptable components of any construction also. They are often the most cost-effective option both for small and large-scale construction projects, especially in the case of bridges and other structures under improvement.


Structural steel beams are made in different configurations. Generally, there are four standard ones available that are commonly used today. These include the I-beams (beams with a cross-section like “I”), H-beams (beams with “H” cross-section), channel beams (beams with “C” cross-section), and L-shaped beams called angles.


Within each of these standard types, variations are distinguished by the dimensions of the flange surfaces. I-beams designated by ‘W’ have wide parallel flanges, whereas an American Standard Beam, designated by ‘S,’ has sloping inner flanges. There are also circular and rectangular beams that are designed with hollow sections.


Since the function of structural steel beams is very crucial, there are industry standards that govern their production and use. They are heavily regulated based on several parameters such as strength, shape, size, and composition. Within North America, it is the American Society for Testing and Materials that set the standards for steel beams, regulating standards for different steel grades.


Depending on the specific structure to support, there are corresponding steel beams to choose, for instance, I-beams are considered to be efficient when it comes to handling load to weight ratio and in terms of managing shear loads. In Canada, these beams are particularly determined by the weight and depth of the beam per unit length. If you need structural steel beams but don't know which type your construction actually needs, just give us a call today to help you choose the right one.

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