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Helical Gears: An Engineering Marvel In Every Machine



Helical gears have teeth that are not perpendicular to the line of action of force. Instead, they have a helix angle. They are most often used in power transmissions because they have a lower profile.

The helical axis provides a constant angle of engagement and disengagement, allowing the gears to support more torque and be smaller. This characteristic also allows them to carry the same amount of load as standard straight-cut gears.


Here are some more reasons why they’re an exceptional component in every modern machine today.




The efficiency of helical gears is due to the teeth having a constant pressure angle, allowing it to distribute thrust evenly across the tooth surface. This capability contrasts spur gears, which have teeth with alternating constant pressure angles, where the thrust is not distributed evenly across the tooth surface and whose efficiency is limited by the contact ratio.




The design of helical gears keeps the teeth from rubbing against each other, which lessens the risk of creating dangerous sparks. Their tooth spacing in part determines the safety of helical gears. The safety factor can be increased by increasing the tooth spacing. For example, manufacturers can achieve a safety factor of 10 with a tooth spacing of 0.5mm. Other factors include lubrication levels and load transfer after tooth failure.




A helical gear is very dependable for various tasks because they are made of very strong materials. Their alloy is made from a high volume of carbon, allowing them to last long and deliver outstanding results for any project.


Cost Efficiency


It is now possible to produce high-quality helical gears because of much more affordable hardening and tempering. These two processes are traditionally required for the production of high-quality helical gears. With modern technology, it has become much easier to create these processes.


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