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Copper Recycling Tips: Where Can You Frequently Find Copper?


Copper has a higher worth than gold based on its worldwide usage volume. Therefore, anybody with obsolete machinery and equipment can find an enormous recyclable copper deposit that can yield profit. Here are five common areas where you can frequently find copper.


Electronics and Telecommunication Equipment


Electrical, electronics, and telecom equipment frequently use copper. They're alloys that contain copper in solders, PCBs, and circuit connections.

Telecommunication fiber optic cables have copper components. On the other hand, electrical wires, cables, and handheld communication devices contain relatively huge copper deposits.


Plumbing Tools and Pipes


A plumber's tools must never corrode and weaken in density and durability. Therefore, copper alloys are an excellent element that extends their lifespan and performance.

Copper-alloyed plumbing tools are much more expensive than average equipment. However, their long-term performance makes them worthwhile investments.


Computer Microprocessors


The world today cannot effectively function without computers. Smartphones, laptops, desktops, and all processors of any grade have copper alloy content. Therefore, any aged processors, microprocessors, and other electronic equipment can give you high-yield processors.


Everyday Appliances


Washing machines, air-conditioning units, electric fans, and microwave ovens have copper content. They have lighter copper content than plumbing tools and electronics. However, you can earn a huge profit from copper recycling thanks to the volume of discarded appliances with copper content.




Copper in food is non-recyclable. It's essential nutrition for humans, and you can find copper in meats, wheat, nuts, and vegetables. Scrappers can't accept copper content in consumables.


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