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How Various Materials Are Fabricated During Metal Fabrication


Metal fabricated products are made using a broad range of different metals and their alloys. Though most metal fabrication processes begin with sheet forms or a blank plate of these metals, there are some types of metals that may start in the form of pipes, tubes, or bar stock. The most common materials utilized in fabricating metals include aluminum, copper, tin, gold, iron, silver, nickel, and magnesium.


Plenty of metals are made available in stock forms. These usually include sheet or plate metal, bars, rods, fittings, and wires. Depending on your specific project, some metals come in tubes or pipes such as steel and aluminum. Alternatively, precious metals like gold and silver often come in smaller pieces such as bars and wires because of their high value.


In addition, most of those metals can also go through a majority of metal fabrication processes. However, there are some limitations that exist depending on the properties of the metal such as its softness, pliability and thickness. For instance, the rigidity of steel will affect the types of processes to be used and the power needed for fabricating the metal. For sure, the processes involved would be much different than working with a more pliable metal.


Ultimately, the process of metal fabrication always begins with an idea involving a certain piece of metal deemed suitable to create a specific metal product or structure. Once this idea has been conceptualized and finalized into a design, it is now left to the hands of the metal fabricators to turn such design into reality. This can be done by analyzing the drawing, calculating the cost involved, and determining the most suited processes to complete the project.


So, if you have a particular project in mind that you think outsourcing it to a metal fab shop would be beneficial, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be glad to assist you from the very beginning until the completion of your project.

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