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Common Types of Air Compressor Repairs in Toronto


Apart from selling air compressors, Compressed Air International also provides repairs and servicing. Here are the common types of air compressor repair in Toronto that we can address. You may be experiencing any of them.


Repairs for Reciprocating Compressors


The common parts of reciprocating compressors that usually face repair problems are the rings, valves, and controls. Once the piston rings wear out, excessive oil consumption may occur. Likewise, when carbon deposits accumulate on the valves, it would be hard for the equipment to build up pressure. Cleaning or replacement might be needed. Also, defective pressure may cause problems to start the compressor and affect the pilot valve as well, causing the compressor to unload improperly.


Air intake filters should be inspected and changed on a regular basis. Dirty air filters can cause long pump up times and overheating.

Routine Maintenance Items: Changing the air filter and oil on a regular basis will prevent many problems. It will also extend the life of valves and rings.


Issues with Rotary Screw Compressors


Most of the issues that may happen on this compressor are due to sensors and controls. Any fault with the thermal valve can shut the equipment down so fast that all operations will be interrupted. This is why most repair specialists would highly suggest having replacement parts ready in stock. Another possible problem that needs air compressor repair is not being able to build pressure. This is usually due to dirty inlet air filters that must be replaced or cleaned regularly.


Concerns with Inlet Valve Maintenance


When it comes to this matter, the most common cause for excessive oil carryover is a faulty check valve. Without changing the oil separators regularly, they can be damaged and cause oil carryover, too. This is why changing the air filter and oil filter on a regular basis can help prevent a lot of issues requiring air compressor repair in Toronto.


These are just some of the maintenance and repair issues that must be addressed on your air compressors. But don’t worry because we have a full team capable of addressing any of those repair problems. Just let us know your concerns.

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